Schoolmarmee Prepares Her First Lesson

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon.

The children are mostly asleep (I periodically continue to hear thuds upstairs), and I am sitting alone at the dining room table, a stack of file folders, some college-ruled paper, my favorite pen, a good pair of scissors, and my new homeschool curriculum scattered in front of me.

I’m atwitter….

For in exactly a week and a half, I will finally have the opportunity to introduce my beloved 5-year old boy to an uncharted and exciting world of learning, beginning a new adventure for our entire family…



And I – Schoolmarmee – will finally be introduced to the world of teaching.

{Schoolmarmee = Schoolmarm + Marmee (the endearing and gentle Mother from Little Women), and this is who I will strive to be as I rule my homeschool with a firm hand and a soft word. And as teacher of this school, if I fail, I can still force my kids to call me this! Win win.}

Since our first day as mother and child in 2007, I suppose Gideon and I have been learning together. I have taught him to be civilized and to keep a lid on his temper, and he has taught me how to be patient and humble and long-suffering; we have taught each other how to love and how to forgive and what it means to be bound to someone by unbreakable chords.

And so it is only fitting that we begin this new journey together; he’ll be learning to read and write and do arithmetic, and I’ll be learning how to do this homeschool thingy. As ever, we will fail at times, we will succeed at times, we will be grouchy at times, we will be happy at times, we’ll have trouble communicating at times, and we’ll be on the same page at times. But we are in this together, and though his sisters will follow behind him in the years to come and I’ll do Kindergarten all over again, I just know in my heart, this year is going to be special.

My excitement is palpable. As I sit here (admittedly, a bit dazed by all the instructions) perusing my new schoolteacher books, I can’t help being transported back to my first day of Kindergarten. I was terrified to leave my Mama, and I have been told by eyewitnesses that I cried and clung to her legs, shy and scared and unused to being anywhere but home and with anyone else but her. But after the trauma of that first day (or week? Weeks?) wore off, my memories grow much brighter: the excitement of new assignments, my very own desk with a place for my books, a cubby with a little hook to hold my embroidered bag with the carousel print, the smell of pencil lead and erasers, my sweet teacher and her vibrato singing voice, the feel of ¬†sticky Elmer’s glue on my fingertips, the brightly colored cut-outs on the wall, fat crayons and rulers and pencil boxes…

And today, sitting here preparing for my first day of school, it is all coming back to me in a glorious rush of nostalgia and sweet childhood academia.

How glad I am to be in Kindergarten again, and I vow to make this year as special for my little boy as it was for me.

I have no idea what lies ahead; there is a fear in me that I am naive in my excitement and that this venture is going to be much, much harder than I am expecting. But one thing is certain: my heart has been called to our little school at home, way back when my first pupil was growing in my tummy. And though almost 6 years have passed since that conviction was first born in my heart, I have never been more certain about anything in my entire life…

And I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share my journey here at Mrs. Gore’s Home Academy. It means the world to me to have you alongside me…

But if you’ll please excuse me, I’ve got a lot of work to do! This curriculum, sadly, isn’t going to organize itself.