Amy’s Awesome Back-to-School Lunch

I shared this picture over at the Facebook page, but it is so awesome I had to give it its own blog post.

Amy was sharing pictures of her kids’ first day of school, and they were so sweet, but I needed to see a close-up of the sandwich I noticed at the bottom of one of the pictures and I needed to see it IMMEDIATELY.

So Amy sent me this.


And then I fainted because it was so cute!!!

I want to go to Amy’s homeschool.

Yo, Amy! 1. Can you give us details on this sandwich? 2. What about the pencil? 3. Those are Cheeze-its right? With the letters on them? 4. Why are you so perfect and wonderful? 5. You carved that A+ in the apple by hand, didn’t you? Because you can whittle, too? 6. Can I live with you?

Teaching with a Kate

After publishing the post “Teaching with a Betsie” (concerning the difficulties of homeschooling with a little stinker underfoot), my sister-in-law, Amy, reminded me of these pictures she took of HER stinker, Kate, when she was 1 1/2 years old…

In the first photo, she is standing on the dining room table, helping herself to chocolate donuts. In the second, she is standing on her sister’s school-desk helping herself to No. 2 pencils.

Same ornery expression as Betsie.

Same climbing skills.

Same pajamas. (We are firm believers in the art of the hand-me-down).

Unbelievable (and so stinkin’ cute!).

And I thought it would bring those of you who are in the same boat as me – attempting to teach older children while your youngest eats crayons and climbs onto tables – great encouragement to see little Kate now, 3 years old and well on her way to being an upstanding student in Amy’s homeschool.

These days are fleeting, are they not? Before we know it, the little one that runs us ragged will be sitting on a stool reading a book and coloring.

And so I think the best thing we can do is pray for grace, patience, and mostly, for eyes to see the humor and the beauty in life as it is today (and keep those cameras ready!). Because any way you slice it, a baby stuck in a basket of Little Golden Books is just funny…

even if she does interrupt your Home Academy and all thoughts of order and cleanliness for the unforeseeable future.

Amy’s First Day of School

Remember my sister-in-law, Amy? The one who hosted the most awesome Homeschool Field Day in the world?

Well, she is super talented and so creative, and I have made it my goal to force her to be a part of this blog. As she is a few years ahead of me in the homeschooling world, I’ll be bugging her as often as possible for tips and ideas to share here at the Home Academy blog, but more often than not, I’ll just be swiping her photographs off of facebook and sharing them with you…always with her permission, of course.

While building their first home, Amy and my brother, Jerry, are temporarily set up in a rent house. Most of their possessions will remain in boxes for months until their house is completed. Add to that the fact that Amy is 8 months pregnant and her ankles and feet are so swollen that she broke a flip flop the other day…

still, she manages to not only “make do” but to make awesome.

Here are the pictures of her first day of school…

Kate is in preschool, but still gets to be included with the “big girls”

Anna is 2 weeks younger than my Gideon and is as excited as he is to be in Kindergarten!

And Abigail, a 3rd grader, is an old pro at homeschooling. I love how Amy made them little place cards and found cafeteria-style trays to eat on.

thanking God for food and homeschool

remember learning cursive handwriting in the 3rd grade? I’m so excited for Abigail…

Geography is fun when you have a huge bucket of colored pencils to work with.

and its pretty too…

Beautiful Anna works on letter identification.

Kate stays occupied with a “Meet the Letters” DVD. Someday soon, I’ll have Amy share some ideas for keeping the youngest family members busy during school hours.