Welcome to Mrs. Gore’s Home Academy, a celebration of life – and education – at home. Follow me as I catalogue our homeschool adventures, and find support and encouragement for your own educational endeavors.



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  1. Could you tell me what homeschooling curriculum (company, etc) you use? And does your sister-in-law, Amy, use the same? Do you like it so far? Is it accredited (sp?), etc? Have considered homeschooling myself, although my daughter is only 19 months old right now! 🙂

    • I’m so sorry! I just now saw this comment – I hope you’re still around to read the response. 🙂 I (and Amy) use My Father’s World curriculum. I LOVE it so far…it is very laid back and easy to follow, but my children are learning so much. One of my favorite things about it is the freedom it provides – I do very little, and so there is a lot of room for creativity and flexibility. And the best thing is that it is based on the Word of God. So as we are reading about the first day of creation in the Bible, we then go on to focus on the number 1 and learn about darkness and light…I just really love that. I feel like, more than anything else they learn, my children will walk away with a Biblical worldview, which is what I’m going for.
      Since you have a little one, I’ll tell you this – I used Sonlight’s P 3/4 curriculum last year for pre-k – I think it was totally unnecessary, but it was a fun way to build up our home library with lots of great hardcover books, and it provided a lot of fun activities to go along with the reading we were guided to do.
      God bless you as you seek out what to do concerning your baby girl’s education. If you ever have any more questions, please ask. I’ll try to answer in a more timely manner next time!

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