Amy’s Awesome Back-to-School Lunch

I shared this picture over at the Facebook page, but it is so awesome I had to give it its own blog post.

Amy was sharing pictures of her kids’ first day of school, and they were so sweet, but I needed to see a close-up of the sandwich I noticed at the bottom of one of the pictures and I needed to see it IMMEDIATELY.

So Amy sent me this.


And then I fainted because it was so cute!!!

I want to go to Amy’s homeschool.

Yo, Amy! 1. Can you give us details on this sandwich? 2. What about the pencil? 3. Those are Cheeze-its right? With the letters on them? 4. Why are you so perfect and wonderful? 5. You carved that A+ in the apple by hand, didn’t you? Because you can whittle, too? 6. Can I live with you?

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