A Homeschool Room (with a View!)

Now that school is out for most of us, I thought I’d finally share pictures of the room we used this year for our educational pursuits, for there is no time like the summer to prepare your home for the upcoming school year!

When I first began making my list of wishes for this room at the beginning of last summer, I had no idea how we were going to make it happen. We were paying for two surgeries and the lingering hopsital bills from the birth of our 3rd child…there was NO extra money in the budget, not even enough for a wall map. But I made my list anyhow, and then I got busy…

By the grace of God, by summer’s end, I had sold enough homemade granola and cookies at our local Farmer’s Market to pay for everything on my list.

Every. single. thing.

I seriously couldn’t believe it!

Thus, this room not only served as an inspiring place for our family to learn together, it became a visual reminder for me of how kind our God is. I could have done without this room, for sure, and would have had a million reasons to praise Him without any of it, but it thrilled me to see it come together so beautifully, in good time, and without going into debt.

This space will not work for us forever – in fact, we are beginning the plans of saving up for and building a one-room schoolhouse in our backyard to meet the needs of our ever-growing family – but for our first year of Kindergarten, with our firstborn son, it was perfect.

Take a look…


The little chalkboard is made by French toy company, Moulin Roty. I purchased it for 50% off at Olive Juice Kids one Christmas, and we have enjoyed it so much. The schooldesk and chair are antiques, and the rug was purchased from Anthropologie.


Around the corner, we set up a little school area for our 3-year old daughter. She enjoyed playing and coloring here, and it made her feel like a big girl to have a desk like her brother.


I love this picture. Such enthusiasm. 🙂 But I didn’t make him sit there all the time! We’ve had school all over our house, but this little desk is always here should he decide to work at it.


In fact, I’ve since moved it in front of the window so he can look outside while he does his worksheets…


I snapped this picture one Fall day when my son was busy working…


The bookshelf that holds most of our children’s books came from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child, and was purchased with a bit of inheritance money from my Granny. I love the rail that the kids can step up on, and even though this shelf is pretty pricey (and I bought mine during a special sale event!), I hope to purchase another one when we build our schoolroom. I just love it, price and all.


We covered the wall with “maps” and vintage-inspired posters that are actually giftwrap from Cavallini and Co. At $3.95 apiece, you can’t beat them! I LOVE this line of paper products. Find your own here!


And probably the most important and special part of our schoolroom was the chalkboard my husband built for us. This board was actually salvaged from my old high school and was used by one of my favorite English teachers, the first person who told me I had a good “voice” for writing. It was HUGE, so my husband cut it in half and framed it with wood trim that he stained a dark brown.


My favorite part is the little shelf he made at the bottom to hold our chalk and erasers. Clever, clever. And so pretty…


Here’s another picture of one of our Cavallini posters…


along with others that we have bought as souvenirs on special trips. The one from Prince Edward Island was purchased on our honeymoon almost 8 years ago!


I made these little flashcards on our computer, quoting our school song, “Would You Like to Swing on a Star?”…


and these vintage flashcards were also purchased at an antique store.


Behind one of our doors, we hung wire baskets from Ballard Designs to hold special books or papers for each of our children…


And finally, here is a snapshot of the schoolroom on a normal day when it was being enjoyed by the children and their cousins. They have played and worked in this room all year long, and we’ve already made some wonderful memories here as a family.


If you have any questions about anything you saw in the pictures, please feel free to ask! All available products can be found through the links I provided. Happy summer, everyone!

2 thoughts on “A Homeschool Room (with a View!)

  1. So lovely! I adore that it’s functional, vintage, that your heart for teaching and your family is evident in every detail. Can I ask where you got the 3 canvas-looking bins on the bottom shelf of the Restoration Hardware unit?

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