Twas the Night Before Homeschool

Somehow, someway, we did it.

By the time my Mom brought our children back home at 3:30 this Wednesday afternoon, our home had been transformed from one of disorder to order, from cluttered to organized, from haphazard to….unhaphazard, from unschoolish to schoolish…

and in the meantime, my vocabulary was obviously shot; I am one exhausted puppy, and even my words have gone to sleep.

But regardless of the fact that it is nearly 1:00 a.m. and our first day of homeschool starts in the morning, and unconcerned over my current state of brainlessness, I’m hopelessly atwitter, and I simply cannot go to bed until I record just a tiny bit of this day for the future and wiser Mrs. Gore to shake her head at with an indulgent smile over the gungho and enraptured state of her former self.

Would you like to indulge me, as well, oh internet people?

(Thank you).

I can’t imagine what my son was feeling as he drifted off to sleep tonight.

For there is major change in the air…

He came home to a house that had been rearranged to proclaim from nearly every corner that the rite of passage that a nation full of Kindergarteners experienced this past month is also available to him, regardless of the fact that his schooling will look markedly different than most of the children who live on our street. And I suppose that was why I labored so intensely over this occasion, aside from wanting to show off for my blog; I want Gideon to look back someday and remember the day he stepped into the world of education. I want him to feel a little more grown, a little more special, and most importantly, a little more in love with the world God made for us to enjoy.

Heaven knows I allowed him to be a baby for as long as humanly possible: when he left for Grandmother and Granddaddy’s house on Monday night, he was still sleeping in a toddler-sized bed and spent his days watching cartoons and playing soldiers and dress-up and digging in the dirt and making thoughtless messes and occasionally throwing fits…

but when he came home this afternoon, a new (twin-sized) bed with new bedding sat in his favorite corner of the bedroom, a new backpack waited to hold his very own school supplies, a box of new school clothes updated his closet full of too-short pants and shirts, a new schedule had replaced the laid-back and lackadaisical one that had dominated his days for the past 5 years, and even his Mama had been transformed into a lady more polished, more organized, more responsible…

And I didn’t realize it until now, but it was time for this change, for all of us. Time for us to step it up a notch. Time to grow and learn and take on new responsibilities. Time for some order. Time to step into a new season in life.

Time for a new adventure, but one that will take place in the familiar and cozy walls of our home.

We kicked it off with a family back-to-school party in our dining room this afternoon – I’ll be sharing pictures in the very near future. And now just one more sleep remains until school is finally in session.

Any fear or uncertainty concerning my readiness or capability just cannot be entertained…

for there is a little boy sleeping in a big bed upstairs dreaming about his first day of Kindergarten, and he is counting on me.

One thought on “Twas the Night Before Homeschool

  1. I love this. Mostly because it reminds me of my first day of Kindergarten…as a homeschooler. That was twenty-five years ago, back when homeschooling was a novelty and people gave my mom odd looks as though she might be breaking the law 🙂 I digress. My point is that I love the heart you have put into this first day of Kindergarten because it reminds me of my own mom’s effort and focus in making my Kindergarten experience at home one that was strong, special, and full of the feeling of school! Reading about your preparations for Gideon transports me right back to my Kindergarten experience…and I LOVED it 🙂

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