Her Very Valentine Homeschool Party

She done it again.

My Mom just has a way of ministering to the ones she loves, and the Valentine homeschool party she hosted for our little ones was no exception. The funniest thing about the entire day was her apologetic stance when we first entered in. “You guys, I’m so sorry…” she said. “I just couldn’t get it together this time.”

I forced my level of expectation to lower to a reasonable level. And then she started pulling out the party food…

Spaghetti with “X” and “O” shaped garlic bread. Miniature cherry cream cheese parfaits. Chocolate dipped glasses filled with pink milk. Homemade heart-shaped pecan sandies rolled in powdered sugar. Chocolate covered strawberries. Gifts and handmade Valentines for everybody.

I can’t imagine what her parties would be like if she was able to “get it together”! Take a look…

Mail bags that the kids made at our Valentine-making party were lining my Mom’s mantle. (Conveniently her Christmas stocking holders were still up and provided a perfect means to display their goodies).

We were unsure of their relationship at first, but “Baby Kate” and Miss Sunday are becoming quite good friends. Especially on Valentine’s Day!
Each child received a strawberry Crush soda, a treat box of Sixlets, a coloring book, a sticker book, a Valentine card and a cupcake liner filled with assorted treats.
A Valentine for each child – even Baby Betsie – from their doting Grandmother.
My favorite thing about her parties is the table – it is always like a wonderland. For the kids AND me.
I made her take this picture – but I’m so glad I did. What a beautiful woman my Mother is!
her homemade Pecan Sandies – I kid you not, I could eat 10 of these a day and never grow tired of them. Maybe someday I’ll add the recipe to Mrs. Gore’s Book of Cookery.
3 years apart, but the best of friends. These two have too much fun together…
Me and Betsie Fair. (sidenote: Betsie is the 5th little girl in our family to wear that red hoodie with the heart-shaped pockets. We had no idea when Mom bought out Baby Gap when Abigail was born that the investment would pay off!).
Miss Sunday wasn’t the fastest at the conversation heart stacking game, but she sure worked hard at it.
my little heartthrob since 2007 – love this kid like crazy.
chocolate dipped frosty glasses with pink milk – a treat for the eyes as well as the tummy!
and on Valentine’s Day, slurping and/or bubble-blowing is most certainly allowed!
or guzzling. Whatever floats your boat. (and guzzling most definitely floats Miss Sunday’s boat).
delicious spaghetti with hugs and kisses toast
it may have been messy, but they ate every bite!
especially this one. (that’s my GIRL!)
cherry cream cheese pie in a little dessert glass
there are about 20 pictures of us in this chair trying to get one decent photograph together. I think this one is my favorite (poor Betsie).
Valentine party SUCCESS!.

It feels so good to be loved, on Valentine’s Day and every day. Many thanks to our dearest Grandmother for another lovely and memorable day spent together at her house in the woods.


Personalized t-shirts and many of the photographs on this post were contributed by my generous and talented sister-in-law, Amy. Thank you, Amy for all the wonderful things you  do for our family!

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