Her Haunting Halloween Homeschool Hoopla


The children line up for the party with NO idea of what fun awaits them!

If the kitchen didn’t scream “Happy Halloween!!!” loudly enough, the Halloween music playing in the background did. “They did the Monster Mash…”
The table’s centerpiece was a Halloween cup filled with yummy candy for each child to take home. I did NOT eat the M&M’s hidden at the bottom of my kids cups. Excuse me…I did not eat ALL the M&M’s hidden at the bottom of my kids cups.
My Mom whisked the kids to the back for a surprise – they came running back into the living room with these horrid teeth in their mouths!
Kate Belle was kinda proud of hers, giving her good tooth a polish.
Next, we played a mummy-wrapping game in the yard…
Rebekah stood as still as a statue! She is not in homeschool yet, but I still give her an A+++.
Next it was time for a craft that my Mom found in Southern Living magazine. Each child was given a mason jar to paint orange…
(I most certainly had to go back and paint Rebekah’s when she was finished…)
After they dried, Aunt Amy drew jack-o-lantern faces on them and then they were sprayed with a clear gaze and set out to dry.
The finished product! An LED light was placed inside and each child had a new nightlight to carry home.
The children were sent back into the playroom while lunch was placed on the table. When it was time to par-tay they each had to run down the hallway and make a scary face! Then they were shown to their seat. Here’s Abigail!
then a kinda scary (but too cute to ever be scary) Anna…
followed by Rebekah with her one-trick-pony always-the-same scary face…
then a fierce-faced Gideon…
followed by Baby Kate, who is still working on her scary face!
Let the party begin! I saw a quotation on Pinterest last week that said “A grandparents house is where cousins become best friends.” I could not agree more!
There was Orange Crush soda in bottles…
and Orange jell-o with a dollop of Cool Whip on top…
and a caramel apple for each of us with a ribbon-wrapped stick (not to mention popcorn balls, trail mix, goldfish, cheetohs, oranges, carrots, ham/cheese/crackers, cheese dip and chips, peanut butter crackers, iced gingerbread cookies, and enough special candy to give a cavity to each tooth in the house!!!)
Oh, and a precious little box of treats to enjoy at home. (purchased from Kids at Heart Designs at etsy.com)
And finally, while the grown-ups chatted and cleaned, the children watched “Its a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, easing our Halloween extravaganza to a happy end. 
Do these children have any idea how blessed they are to have her in their life? I doubt it. But they will, I am sure of that.

As we pulled out of the driveway to return home for afternoon naps, I asked the kids what they thought of that Halloween party…

Gideon had one word: “Awesome.”

“What was your favorite part?” I asked.

“…All of it.” he said.

I’m inclined to agree.

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