Mrs. Gore’s Academy – an Official Welcome

I have been keeping a writing blog for a year and a half, sharing my family’s “diary” of life and life abundant at Mrs. Gore’s Diary.

Periodically, I would share our dabblings in homeschool. My son was 4 and, although he had not yet officially begun his education, we were having “homeschool” parties at my Mom’s house on every holiday, doing “schoolwork” (learning to use safety scissors), reading “schoolbooks” (mostly fairy tales and children’s books that I ordered through Sonlight’s P3/4 curriculum)…basically just sticking our toe in the homeschool water to see if we liked it. If it suited us. If it was our cup of tea.

Guess what?

We did. It did. It was.

And so as our first year of homeschool approached rather rapidly, it began to dawn on me that I would like to have a place to share homeschool ideas and encouragement without bogging down my non-homeschool readers with a gazillion posts about…well, homeschool.

Enter “Mrs. Gore’s Home Academy”. Here,  you will find ideas, resources, homeschool events, humor, and mostly, encouragement, as I skip (or slog? Who knows?!) through our first year in the homeschooling world. As Mrs. Gore’s Diary keeps me pretty busy with all the words and the blither blather, the posts here will be shorter and less polished, with more information and helpful hints than grandiose life lessons. And the best part? I’ll be forcing my sister-in-law, Amy, to participate in this blog, something I am positive you will all thank me for later.

Also, if you have been a regular reader at Mrs. Gore’s Diary, you’ll notice that the first 10 or so posts on this blog have been copied and pasted from the archives. I wanted to keep all of my homeschool experiences together in one place, but from this post on, everything I publish will be new! And exciting! And hot-off-the press!

As with everything I’ve shared on the blogosphere since 2011, I am wildly happy to have you alongside me and am so grateful for your listening ear and your sweet encouragement. I can’t be positive, but…I think we’re going to have a lot of fun here.

If you would like to receive updates from Mrs. Gore’s Home Academy, you’ll need to register your e-mail address. If that is too big a commitment, however, you can always find me through the “Home Education” tab at Mrs. Gore’s Diary. Thanks for reading! Oh…and Happy Homeschooling.

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