Grandmother’s Homeschool Holiday Parties

~ Okay all you Grandmothers out there…prepare to be inspired! ~

My Mom is the queen of holidays (and I, her loyal princess). What I love most about her is that her holidays are a total expression of her love for her family. She doesn’t show off, she doesn’t waste time being fussy, and she never ever gets in a tizzy (pretty much my polar opposite). Sometimes I think that even her sneezes spray goodwill and love out into the air! She lives and breathes for others, especially us lucky ducks that used to live in her tummy.

This past year she has whipped up a brand new pot of holiday magic, and I have to say, it is her best yet…

She is the doting Grandmother of seven grandchildren, 5 girls and 2 boys, 6 of whom live within 12 miles of her house, 3 of whom are in homeschool. And what she has launched this year in their honor just makes my heart swell right out of my chest, as she has single-handedly taken it upon herself to give them holiday school parties, kind of like the ones I loved in elementary school, but amped up about 5 thousand notches and sealed with a grandmother’s kiss.

Here are a few random but noteworthy facts concerning her party-throwing efforts:

1. She always sends the kids invitations to her parties in the mail and asks for them to R.S.V.P. Precious!

2. She does all the work and simply tells the mommas to show up with the kids. As a busy mom of 3, this takes a huge load off of my shoulders and ministers to me so deeply.

3. That fear in me that my kids are going to “miss out” by not going to public school is soothed by her thoughtfulness; as I watch my children’s delight and hear their laughter, I know once more that they are going to be okay and that we haven’t made a bad choice. If you are a grandparent and your children homeschool, I highly recommend adopting this tradition of hosting “class” parties!

4. She isn’t trying to be Martha Stewart. Rather, she has two tricks to planning a party: a) Holiday colors and b) Family traditions. Which means that at this party, her entire kitchen was decorated in orange and black and every food we ate was either orange, black, or something she made us growing up. Easy? So she says. Fun? Yessiree-bob.

5. She takes health and naptime into consideration. Thus, hidden amongst the candied apples and Orange Crush soda were bowls of carrots, a raisin snack mix, a meat and cheese platter, and mandarin oranges. And we were completely finished with all the festivities in time for afternoon naps! It is just like her to make sure that her parties fit easily into our days, and that our children are not retching before they go trick-or-treating.

6. She also ministers to the mommas by making us treats, as well; in this case, a big copper pot of chicken tortilla soup. So good, so comforting.

7. She is amazing. And I want to be just like her someday.

I will share the full party photos and details tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak…

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