A Homeschool May Day – Part 2

I’ve been told that playing Santa is even more fun that receiving gifts from him. (I’m not so sure of that…)

But such is definitely the case with May Day…

As much as I love receiving a basket of flowers on my doorstep on May 1st, the real fun is in the delivering.

Per Grandmother’s request, our little clan woke up bright and early on May Day morning, excited to deliver our flowers to the dear sisters in our church who are widowed. I am so grateful to my Mom for aiding us in teaching our children how to care for the ones we love; what wonderful lessons she is teaching our little ones! And who am I kidding?…I learn a good lesson from her pretty near ’bout everyday.

Somehow we were able to get the kids dressed and fed, and congregate at Amy’s house early – for us – on May Day morning.

The children were atwitter.

And so was I.

We loaded our surprises into Amy’s big red wagon…

and through the streets of our town we walked, stopping in to see some of our favorite ladies.

It was a beautiful day…

and a beautiful memory.

And that was just the beginning…

Comin’ up: our first old-fashioned May Day CELEBRATION!

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